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Dry Ice cleaning is the preferred cleaning method for many industries. CO2 pellets are propelled at high speeds against the substrate, breaking up the desired material being removed and leaving no secondary waste.

Dry Ice Blasting is non-abrasive and non-conductive and works similar to sand blasting with less mess and clean up time. It is also environmentally friendly and the pellets are food grade quality.

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Another job completed by Dry Ice Blasting Inc. in Lakeland, Florida

Dry ice blasting was used to clean a paint booth.  The walls of the paint booth had many years of over-spray. Dry ice blasting was able to blast away the debris and return the walls to near original condition.

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ACE After3.JPGDry Ice Blasting Inc. recently completed cleaning of an SMT assembly unit in Largo, Florida. The customer had recently purchased the unit and wanted to clean the unit before going into production. Dry ice cleaning is an effective way to clean old dirt and grease from equipment. It also removes wax, glue, carbon residue. ink and other build up. Dry ice blasting is non-abrasive and environmentally friendly. It cleans without the use of water or other harmful chemicals.

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Dry ice blasting is an effective method to clean and sanitize equipment. The process is environmentally friendly and leaves no secondary waste. CO2 pellets are propelled at supersonic speeds lifting contaminants off of the substrate without damaging the surface.

We service all of Florida including Orlando, Jacksonville, Naples, Tampa, Miami, St. Petersburg, Fort Lauderdale, Fort Myers and West Palm Beach.

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